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I.  U.S.A. adjusting of status to become a permanent residence (Green Card/Form I-693)

          1. Go to and download the latest version of Form I-693.

          2. Fill out only the top Part I and top of each page, but do not sign.

          3. Call Berkeley Family Practice to make an appointment.

          4. Bring your vaccination record (if any) in any language with you on the day of your appointment.

 II. Immigrate to Australia

      The medical examination required for each applicant depends on a number of factors:

  • type of visa applied for; 
  • intended length of stay; 
  • country of citizenship and residence during the previous five years;
  • age, and any health issues the Australian Government considers of special significance.

      Note: For permamnent entry (Please refer to Form 1071i) and for temporary entry (Please refer to Form 1163i), those two forms can be found on

        Applicants for both visas will generally be asked to undergo a medical examination by the following form:

  • Form 26 Medical  examination for an Australian visa for most applicants;
  • Form 160 Radiology report on Chest X-Ray also required if applicants age of 11 years or more;
  • HIV test if applicant's age 15 years or more. 
       Note: The age (that is, 11 or 15) means the age of the applicant when the health examinations are undertaken.

        Please be advised that the applicants should not complete your health examination before you lodge your visa application because the department will provide applicants with details of the health examination required based on individual circumstances.

         After the applicants being informed by the immigration department, 

         1. Call BFPMG to make an appointment.

         2. Inform applicant's visa subclass and where to send the application as directed in HAP letter.

         3. Bring any reading glasses as well as any existing specialist reports (if any) with you on the appointment day.

         4. A valid original passport.

         5. 4 passport size photos (2 if it is for X-Ray only).

         6. For applicants who intend to work or study as doctors, dentists, or nurses required to undergo a Hepatitis B and C (there is an extra fee these tests).

    III. Immigrate to Canada

           Instructions how to take the medical examination will normally send to applicants after the immigration office received the applications.

           When the applicant call to make an appointment, please inform the staff of what form being used as appeared in the letter from the immigration department.

         What to bring on your appointment day:

         1. Any communication e-mails or letters between applicants and immigration to present to the physician.

         2. Application form as directed by the department.

         3. A valid original passport.

         4. 4 passport size photos

         5. PAP smear pathology report from your primary care doctor or OB/GYN within last two years. (for women age between 21-65)

         6. Reading glasses or correction lens (if any)

Remarks - All of the above medical exams required a deposit of $50 to secure each appointment.

             - If the applicant needs to reschedule or cancel the existing appointment, please call 48-72 hours before your appointment date to avoid $50 fee.

             -  If applicant has any question regarding your application on health requirement issue, please contact the embassy directly.

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